Sold ZAGG at the open (7.69, purchased 1/11 for 7.73).

Bought TLSNY, a Swedish telecom with a 6% dividend.

Looking at MDCI and AHS among many others.



I rarely sell this fast but I unloaded KED today (021213) and bought LCI (generic Rx).  

My watch list/wish list is longer than I can remember it being but my discipline is to never buy more than one stock in a day.  Several of the stocks on my list really popped today so it could be an interesting week.


I like BDC’s in general and floating rate interest is a good idea in today’s low interest environment.  Today I’m buying PFLT.


Bought KED today, a CEF investing in MLP’s and other energy related investments.  Big dividend, lots of potential.  Better than investing directly in an MLP, imho.

Other high-scoring possibilities for your consideration:  AXAHY, SKYW, ANCX


Still biding my time.  I’m not holding a ton of cash, but more than normal.  If we get a correction, I believe it will be temporary which means I will see my stocks go down but they’ll come back.  It’s only a loss if you sell low.  And if I’ve got some cash, as I do, I can buy low and make some real money down the line.  Assuming I’m right about all of this.   Which I have been in the past, slightly more often than I’ve been wrong.  One thing I apparently was wrong about was SIMO, which I bought 01/26/13 and sold today @ 14.44, about a 9% loss.  I’ve got a long watch list and will probably add one new pick tomorrow.


Once again, I’m abstaining.  I want some cash in hand down the road when I expect prices to be generally lower.  If I was buying I’d go with something big and relatively safe, in this case, PHG.

If I was in a bullish mood, LCI or SBGI.