I’ll be posting one stock pick per day that I believe will beat the market. Tomorrow’s stock will be published by midnight (PST) each night.  I’ll publish a performance summary at the end of each week.  I’ll let you know when I sell.  I expect to hold between 20-40 stocks at a time eventually.  If you follow, do so at your own risk.  This system has been working great, but that could change tomorrow, no guarantees.  These are my real buys and sells, not recommendations.  My credentials?  I’ve done well.  Soon enough you’ll see if I know what I’m doing or not.  I started this blog late, January 9.  Previous picks (real life, still held) were:

0102- WHR
0103- PRCP
0104- FFCH

0107- APFC
0108- CTB


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